Between a return to our past and the present, between mystery and amusement, we return to the present day and offer you a gift item which is always popular - our magic slate.

A child playing with the magic slate will draw something, wipe it out, draw something else, wipe it out, … content to simply start afresh, time after time.

Ecological and long-lasting, the magic slate is the ideal substitute for paper and pencils.

The perfect product designed by MAO to amuse your young guests.


Magic slate, designed by MAO

  • Format : 27.5x20cm
  • Box + gloss and matt varnish lamination
  • Including plastic pen
  • Label on back for customisation
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All inclusive price to your address :

  • 50 = CHF 3.00/Pce ex VAT (minimum order)
  • 150 = CHF 2.50/Pce ex VAT
  • 300 = CHF 1.00/Pce ex VAT
  • 3,000+, magic slate 100% customisable with your design, price on request
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